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Counseling has become increasingly recognized as an important medical intervention and clinically proven helpful to resolve disruption in our mind and body.  Common themes include discussions of healthy relationship boundaries, coping and communication skills, conflict resolution, and self-care/stress management.

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New treatment techniques such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing) and BSP (Brainspotting) offer unique access to subconscious impulses that can be resistant to cognitive-behavioral approaches.  Trauma-informed therapy techniques offer healing by resolving these triggers that cause exaggerated feelings of distress.

Play Therapy

A child's work is to play and critically important in their process of learning about the world around them.  Play therapy provides the supportive, enriching environment in which children can resolve challenges and accomplish developmental goals.

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Professional Consultation


Matthew Gallagher is a certified trainer for Kahler's Process Communication Model® as well as Fay and Cline's Love and Logic strategies for parents and educators. PCM® offers a personalized assessment and teaches how to assess communication preferences of others based on their behaviors, word choices, and body language. Each participant learns how to recognize predictable distress patterns in themselves and others, and skillfully diffuse difficult situations to maximize leadership potential. Love and Logic offers a loving, balanced approach that is neither permissive nor punitive. We show adults how to discipline kids without losing their love and respect, help children develop personal responsibility, self-control and good decision making skills.

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