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Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Model®️ teaches how to assess the styles of others based on their behaviors, word choices, & body language. One learns how to recognize predictable distress patterns in themselves & others, & skillfully diffuse difficult situations before tension escalates.


Love & Logic

For Parents: Raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world. Loving, yet powerful tools for parenting children of all ages.

For Teachers: Practical yet powerful tools for today's busy teacher. Create more cooperative, more motivated students & classrooms.

Upcoming Trainings

Friday, October 20, 2023     Couples PCM® workshop

Friday, January 26, 2024      PCM® for Clinicians workshop

March 28-30, 2024                PCM® 1 Core Concepts workshop

June 2024, TBD                    PCM® for Clinicians “Deep Dive” Retreat

Friday, July 19, 2024             PCM® Parenting workshop

September 6-7, 2024            PCM® 2 Advanced Topics workshop

Couples PCM® Workshop

PCM® for Clinicians

This 1 day workshop is designed to help couples recognize each other’s unique gifts, patterns of communication,  psychological needs, and ways to negotiate conflict in healthy ways. Our goal is to provide personalized feedback and support using research-based information provided by the Process Communication Model® (PCM)

assessment. Each person will receive their own individualized profile. Each couple will receive individualized coaching throughout the day and share only what they choose.  $600 per couple

This 1 day workshop is designed for counselors, therapists, social workers, and any caregivers who are interested in learning about a unique approach to understanding personality. PCM® identifies each person’s unique pattern of communication, strengths, psychological needs & motivations, and distress sequences, providing a more complete context for diagnosis using the DSM and research-based treatment planning. Each workshop participant will receive  personalized materials including: a diagram of their personality structure, multi-faceted report describing unique perceptions, communication preferences, psychological needs, & predictable distress sequences, an at-a-glance summary of PCM® concepts.

$500 per person

PCM® 1 Core Concepts

This 3 day training (scheduled on Thursday/Friday/Saturday) teaches all the core concepts of PCM® and is designed for people who want to understand and practice the essential PCM® communication strategies. This workshop is also the first step in becoming a certified trainer. Behavioral objectives include learning to assess personality type through perceptions, understanding personality structure, connecting personality to leadership styles and environmental preferences, communicating with channels, motivational strategies, and assessment and intervention techniques to avert predictable failure patterns and dynamics. 

$1200 per person

PCM® 2 Advanced Topics

This 2 day training (scheduled on Friday/Saturday) focuses on connecting, motivating, and resolving conflict. In-depth reviews of “how to’s,” failure patterns (scripts), intervention and prevention strategies will be taught, with extensive practice through application exercises. This workshop is the second step to becoming a certified trainer, after which participants will be eligible to register for the certification training. Participants will receive their own individualized manuals with base and phase scripts identified. 

$1000 per person

PCM® Parenting workshop

This 1 day workshop is designed for parents and guardians with the goal of recognizing the unique patterns of perception, communication, needs, and distress corresponding with each identified personality type. Our goal is to provide personalized feedback and support using research-based information provided by the Process Communication Model® (PCM®) assessment. Each person will receive their own individualized profile As as well as a description of other identified profiles and behaviors.

$350 each/$600 per couple

PCM® Leadership Package

This 1 day workshop is designed to help you discover your unique PCM® Personality Structure and unleash your leadership potential with better self-awareness, self-management, communication, positive influence, decision-making and distress management. The PCM® Leadership Profile is a comprehensive guide for how to leverage your unique personality in leadership. $500 per person

Sarah Thome, LSCSW

Matthew Gallagher, LCPC


Process Communication

PCM-logo classic-2021-rgb.jpg

PCM®️ Helps everyone Communicate Effectively

  1. Observe & understand your own behavior . . . including why your motivation & distress behaviors can change.

  2. Understand the behavior of others . . . & know how to communicate with them effectively.

  3. Analyze conflict & miscommunication . . . & know how to find the most effective resolution that will produce effective communication.

Personality Profiling

We do not speak about types OF people, but types IN people. We all have a dominant personality type, the type that is seen most strongly in us & this remains our "Base" for life. However, in PCM®️ we also discuss a type which we call a "Phase" personality, the type that the individual is currently experiencing. Two-thirds of the population will experience a phase change at least once in their lifetime. Understanding this concept of "Phase" reveals our most probable reactions when we are showing signs of distress.

PCM Overview

Love & Logic

Love and Logic

Love Logic Logo.png

Adults Supporting Youth with Challenging Pasts

Trauma-Informed Care

Love and Logic is a philosophy of raising and teaching children which allows adults to be happier, empowered, and more skilled in the interactions with children.

Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows children to live with the consequences of their choices. 

Participants will Gain:

  • How trauma affects the brain.

  • Why the intense & extremely upsetting behaviors they see represent attempts to self-protect & survive.

  • The science behind healthy attachment relationships & why such bonds form the foundation for emotional & neurological healing.

  • How to apply Love and Logic strategies to take good care of themselves while addressing root causes. . .not just symptoms.

  • Establishing healthy boundaries, avoiding destructive power struggles, overcoming defiance, & guiding these youth toward success.

  • Many more skills & concepts applicable to kids who need hope.


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Matthew graduated with a BA from Tabor College & earned a Master's degree from Wichita State University. He began his career working with students & parents as a classroom teacher & school counselor before transitioning to a psychotherapist in private practice where he serves individuals, couples, adolescents, & children. He lives in Wichita, KS, with his wife & two daughters.


Matthew is a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Kansas as well as a certified PCM®️ trainer for Kahler Communications, Inc. He has pursued advanced training in trauma-informed treatment & personality assessment, offering a wealth of unique perspective & compassionate support for each person he serves.

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