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Telehealth Support from RCC

In this time of uncertainty many of us are left not being sure exactly what to do. Regular routines have been disrupted and nothing feels quite like it should. And that’s normal. As we practice social distancing, it is important to practice more intentional self-care. If you are stuck at home, try to keep some sort of routine to help maintain normalcy. Since we are in Spring months, enjoy daylight and fresh air by taking walks or some light exercise. If you are inside, turn on lights so you are not in a dim setting. Technology has the great ability to connect us through phone calls, video chat, and even multiplayer gaming.

At Restoration Counseling & Consultation, we want to respect and accommodate all who are consciously social distancing, and we now offer Telehealth therapy services. If you are needing someone to talk to, are social distancing, or are a current client with symptoms at this time, call us about our online services. All insurances now accept Telehealth for therapy. 

Andrew Bogner, LCPC

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